Did you know that the rewards and savings industry is on a downward spiral if not completely broken?

Approximately half of the Millennials and Generation Z members are living paycheck to paycheck, and they are the two most powerful and influential generations of consumers on the planet.

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They are not only the people of today; they are also the people of tomorrow with an estimated spending power of $1.5 trillion dollars.

Gen Z’s and Millennials are also connected to each other. Unlike Gen X’s and Baby Boomers who learned how to use computers and Internet enabled handheld devices as adults. They grew up with this technology as toddlers.

In essence, mobile technology is intertwined with their very being. That’s exactly why we created the first next generation gateway for both shopping and savings. Our vision is strong.

PAYMYNT is designed to be an all in one mobile commerce platform that offers a bunch of useful features.

For example, we provide shopping, rewards, investing, and a digital wallet for any cryptocurrencies all in one place. However, that’s not all we do.

With PAYMYNT you can actually make money and help protect the environment at the same time. Simply shop at the stores you love on our online platform.

We’ve established over 35,000 retailers across the US from which to shop from. Getting started is as easy as downloading the PAYMYNT app. When you do, it unlocks the powers and benefits of our cutting edge rewards based shopping program.

Remember when we mentioned helping the environment? The PAYMYNT app is eco-friendly. When your online orders are delivered we plant trees in order to offset the carbon emissions footprint associated with your delivery.

That way the next generation, and the generations that follow will have a healthy planet to enjoy. But wait, there’s even more.

PAYMYNT is the only universal rewards application that pays your rewards in the form of CashBack and MYNTS, an exciting new digital currency.

The choice is all yours, although we must say that you can invest your MYNTS in order to grow your earnings. They can also be redeemed for gift cards, or exchanged for future purchases and other cryptocurrencies.

Learn more about the value of MYNTs by visiting our article, "Introducing MYNTs - A Digital Money Solution."

The PAYMYNT app not only makes rewards better, it is changing the world for the better.

Our platform is safe, secure, and stellar because we leverage the Stellar blockchain in order to ensure the best transactions possible. That means all of your information will always remain private thanks to the decentralized and distributed structure that makes hacking next to impossible.

It also means that transactions do not need to depend on any single entity. The bottom line is that there are a plethora of independent servers that participate on the Stellar network. That means even if some servers happen to fail, the network will still operate successfully.

We take eco-friendly to the next level. Not only do we plant trees, for every product delivery as mentioned above, the Stellar blockchain is based on a consensus algorithm, which means it does not need to be mined like most blockchains. The algorithm takes significantly less energy to operate, which makes it significantly better for the environment as a whole.

Get started today by joining the PAYMYNT Rewards Wait List. The application will be available in Q4, 2020. It’s FREE and on your favorite app store. It will be available for both Apple and Android.