Every day across the globe, more teens, parents, children and even grandparents are using smart devices to shop and bank. Recent studies indicate the average person spends about 4  ½ hours a day on his/her mobile device. With these technological changes come new questions and challenges for today’s consumers.

MYNTs - Coming soon! Watch for a new universal reward token. Let's #makemoneybetter

Paper money is becoming obsolete.

2020 Retail Banking Trends and Priorities Report shows that over 50% of global finance leaders rank “simplifying the customers’ experience” as the number one priority for digital banking platforms in 2021.

Simplifying the customer experience.

How many of us can identify with these financial findings? These days, when it comes to spending and saving money, consumers are left with more questions than ever.

Let’s experiment.

When it comes to checkout, consumers face an overwhelming amount of questions.

When’s the last time you’ve asked yourself the following?

At the register, do I swipe or insert my bank card? While carpooling, can I pay for my Uber ride using my reward points? At the Gas Station, can I buy a gallon of milk using my Apple Wallet, or should I pay with cash?

We’ve asked ourselves these questions at some point while shopping. Let’s simplify the customer’s experience. After all, it’s the Digital Age!

Let’s work smarter not harder.  

At PAYMYNT, we believe digital money simplifies the customer experience. Mobile shopping apps, digital banking, and eCommerce platforms are ALL unable to use physical currency as a form of payment.

Cryptocurrencies are the future of digital money.

Accepted at millions of merchants worldwide, Mastercard is bringing cryptocurrency to the mainstream.

Look no further than Mastercard’s recent partnership with Wirex for confirmation.

Accepted at millions of merchants worldwide, Mastercard is bringing cryptocurrency to the mainstream by allowing it’s customers to instantly buy, hold, exchange, and spend multiple cryptocurrencies - all within a single, Wirex platform.

Digital money simplifies the customer experience.

What sort of all-in-one mobile platform will your financial institution be using to buy, hold, and exchange cryptocurrency in the near future?

Welcome MYNT Coins; an exciting digital money solution.

MYNTs are cryptographically programmed on the Stellar Network and cannot be purchased. 

Launching Q4 2020, MYNTs are an exciting, new form of digital money.

Recognized at over thousands retailers, MYNTs will be issued as a universal rewards incentive for all consumer spending at your favorite stores, including Target, Nordstrom, and Walmart.

Why shop with MYNT Coins?

MYNTs are automatically earned - each time you shop

MYNTs can be exchanged for gift cards - at your favorite stores

MYNTs can be saved for future purchases

MYNTs can be reinvested to grow additional earnings

MYNTs can be sent instantly - to anyone, anywhere at anytime

MYNTs reduce carbon emissions - every time you shop online

MYNTs are cryptographically programmed on the Stellar Network and cannot be purchased. The more cryptocurrency you earn and save, the higher the gift card amount you will be able to spend or reinvest.

To learn more about the Stellar Network and Blockchain Technology, check out our post “Blockchain Technology is The Future of Digital Money.”

How can I get started?

Join the PAYMYNT waitlist to receive free MYNT Coins. Shop your favorite stores or earn more savings. 

Getting started is easy! Just follow these three steps.

  1. Join our waitlist to receive FREE MYNT Coins! We’re giving away 1 Million Dollars worth of MYNTs before launch.
  2. Download the PAYMYNT App (we’ll notify you when the app goes live) Our all-in-one mobile shopping App will be found at Google Play and the Apple Store this October.
  3. Share the PAYMYNT App with your friends and family! The more MYNTs you share, the more cashback rewards and cryptocurrency you will earn.  

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