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Favorite Brand

Well, it begins with food and wine! Since my wife and I are foodies - we go out to dinner a lot. Most would say ... I'm somewhat of a wine enthusiast. My favorite wine? I prefer Napa Valley Cabs. My favorite restaurant? The chophouses in the North End in Boston are excellent!

Before Joining PAYMYNT ...

I'm passionate about the environment, climate change, and carbon emissions. As a serial entrepreneur, I've invested in various cleantech products and systems. As a climate care advocate, my goal is to create a universal carbon footprint calculator. I believe everyone should strive to meet their carbon footprint goals for a better future.

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Favorite Brand

I play pool. I've played for over 20 years. Outside of work, I play in a league with a few friends. I would have to say my favorite Brand is Cuetec brand pool cues. Not because they are the most popular pool cues - but because they've never let me down.

Before Joining PAYMYNT ...

I too am passionate about enviornmental causes. I've worked on several environmental cleanup projects throughout the years. I've always enjoyed government contract pricing accounting projects. It's a niche field.

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There are so many! Adidas, Nintendo, The Black Dog. Picking a favorite brand is tough. One of my favorite “brand building” attempts by far, though, was when Keebler’s snacks gave away free computer games (featuring the Keebler’s elves) inside their cookie packages.


Prior to joining PAYMYNT, one of my favorite career projects was strategizing creative concepts for Spirit Airlines. You can’t help but smile when you picture that vibrant yellow in the sky! Especially when you’re developing ad campaigns for vacations to the Bahamas.

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I may be biased but one of my favorite brands is Salesforce. They have proven over and over again that having societally beneficial values is good for business. They have set the standard for customer obsession, aggressive growth, and progressive thinking. For example, they helped plant millions of trees and acquired truckloads of PPP for hospitals during COVID-19. They then paired these actions with developing software solutions for testing, vaccine distribution, and philanthropies. This is a very typical Salesforce approach!


My favorite project was collaborating with Seneca Park Zoo on philanthropy transparency. I helped design software that tracked tree planting from donation through seedling through full growth (and the animals these new trees attract). The concept is to empower donors to connect directly with their donation and increase tree planting efficiency.

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I'd have to say my all-time favorite brand is Trader Joe's. I love the Hawaiian shirts and the organic feel of their signage and ads. Trader Joe's tropical aesthetic just makes me happy. They also have fantastic products at great prices. I drive almost an hour to go there. I'm a huge fan!


I've been fortunate to have taken part in a myriad of fun and exciting projects in my career. I'd have to say that one that stands out was during my time working for AdTech - a manufacturer and developer of glue guns and hot glue. I had the honor of assisting in the development of a special line of hot glue guns, and part of my job was also coming up with innovative and original craft projects to showcase the glue guns' capabilities. Most of those projects are still ranked very high on Pinterest. We also ended up winning "New Product Of The Year" at a major expo and received some great recognition from that.

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Has to be Disney!  They might call it magic, but Disney has perfected the art of combining Engineering and Art to create the perfect user experience. I've always found the concept that art can make science and engineering accessible for anyone completely fascinating!


Working with top scientists and engineers at Battelle on environmental technology was an absolute highlight. Integrating their complex ideas and concepts into clean, easily-understood graphics, that could reach any audience was a challenge that always kept me learning and right in the front of new technology to improve the environment.

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Often called the Disney of Japan, Studio Ghibli had made some timeless classics such as Whisper of the Heart (1995), Spirited Away (2001), The Cat Returns (2002), Howl's Moving Castle (2004), Ponyo (2008), and The Secret World of Arrietty (2010). All films in my personal top 100 films of all time. With strong themes of family, friendship, overcoming adversity, and personal growth, the films are all a wonderful addition to a classic family collection.

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