Who is Brian Goldberg?

Easy, an international man of blockchain mystery. When he’s not saving the cryptographic world with his open-sourced superpowers, he’s helping the team at PAYMYNT Financial understand all things Blockchain Technology.

So who is Brian Goldberg? Our Communications Director had the privilege of asking Brian some hard-hitting questions.

Why were you interested in Stellar blockchain tokens?

Stellar’s early marketing drew me in. They advertised that “money could move like email”.  If you have Gmail and I have Outlook, we can still easily email each other.  This is due to the HTTP Internet Protocol. Stellar is a protocol-level technology for money.  If you have PayPal and I have Bank of America, we should still be able to pay each other, but today we cannot.

As I dug deeper into Stellar, I became interested in how they utilize “Anchors” to represent assets.  Other blockchain platforms now use the terminology “Stablecoin”.  I clearly remember a dialog I had about 3 years ago with a fintech founder.  He was building a Stablecoin but, at the time, neither of us could pinpoint the purpose of a Stablecoin!

Lastly, Stellar single decentralized exchange really interests me.  All Stellar-based apps add to a single liquidity pool and make the Stellar network more useful.  Maybe one day I’ll be able to walk into a Starbucks with Home Equity Tokens and the cashier will receive MYNT!

What drew you and the LettucePay team to the Stellar Network?

Our team was interested in blockchain-based payments and very few blockchains can realistically facilitate that. Stellar’s “Path Payments” feature, the ability to send one asset and have it automatically converted to the receiver’s asset of choice, cemented using Stellar.

What existing software did you use?

We used Keybase to win our first hackathon. Keybase was a perfect platform because every Keybase user automatically has a Stellar wallet. Using a chatbot, we quickly built a solution that converted one user’s cryptocurrency to digital dollars for another user.

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