Cryptocurrency is all the rage these days, however far too many people are either reluctant to invest in it, or simply do not know how to get started.

That’s unfortunate because digital forms of currency that is driven by blockchain technology are growing at an incredibly rapid pace. That means cryptocurrency is not only a profitable investment vehicle but can also be utilized as a valuable commodity much like cash.

For example, in the near future we will see crypto ATM’s on every street corner. That means you may very well pay for the majority of your purchases using cryptocurrency instead of cash, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

The question that remains is how can you start owning cryptocurrency today without actually having to purchase it?

The answer is a simple one. It also happens to make a great deal of sense for people that shop online, which is just about everyone.

PAYMYNT Rewards is a new online shopping platform that rewards members with cash back and crypto when you make purchases from your favorite retailers.

Being rewarded to shop is not a new concept, however most programs provide their members with prizes or points that can only be redeemed on their platform once they accumulate to a certain point.

The folks at PAYMYNT offers members a concept far more valuable, a universal rewards program on all consumer spend.

The Problem with outdated Loyalty Rewards

The vast majority of rewards-based shopping programs are far more complicated than they may appear. The points must accumulate to a certain amount before they can be utilized.

Often times, the accumulated points are not sufficient enough to redeem for anything of significant value, thus, the shopper loses interest and doesn’t return.

You need to ask yourself, what’s the use of a rewards program that does not really provide you with any tangible benefits?

How The PAYMYNT Rewards Program Works

PAYMYNT Rewards has a better solution. Members can earn cash back and crypto in three (3) easy steps with ALL merchants.

First and foremost, shop the best deals on the PAYMYNT Rewards app, which is available for iOS, Android, Web, and Browser Extension.

Make your purchases at hundreds of retailers just like you normally would.

And finally, you get paid, with cash and crypto on your qualifying purchases.

The bottom line is getting rewarded has never been easier.

And each time that you complete a purchase using PAYMYNT you earn points.

These points have an actual monetary value in the form of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or PAYMYNT’s own token the MYNT coin.

Remember, “Your Rewards, Your Choice” is the company slogan.

The PAYMYNT Rewards Platform Is Safe And Secure

Whether you are using PAYMYNT from your phone, tablet or computer, you can rest assured that your personal and private information is both safe and secure. PAYMYNT utilizes state-of-the-art security features and the Stellar blockchain in order to ensure the best transactions possible.

With PAYMYNT you can spend more time shopping, earning and saving, and less time worrying about security.

The PAYMYNT team provides you with the ability to shop online, on multiple platforms, at over 5,000 retailers, while earning something of great value when you make purchases. You no longer need to use run of the mill rewards programs when you can use just one great one.

Welcome to a NEW way to Shop at PAYMYNT Rewards.

You will be glad you did!